National Entitlement Awareness Day (and a giveaway!)

One of the highlights of my Time Out for Women season this past spring was the opportunity to meet Linda Eyre and her daughter Shawni Eyre Pothier in Oklahoma City.  You see, when I started at BYU, I was studying Music Dance Theater, but I also had a real love for Family and Child Development and I took as many of those classes as I could fit in my schedule.  I discovered Richard and Linda Eyre's books at about that time, and though I didn't have children at of my own, I read their books and tried to mentally file away as many ideas as I could. And I have to say, I'm pretty excited about their upcoming book release:


After spending 13 years in the public schools as a teacher, this topic is something I feel very strongly about, and have seen the down side of entitlement taken too far. I love this excerpt from The Entitlement Trap website:

In polls among the parents of elementary and middle school kids, over half of respondents identify ENTITLEMENT as the biggest parenting challenge they face. A sense of entitlement is the polar opposite of a sense of responsibility and robs kids of initiative and motivation.

The Entitlement Trap is the product of a decade-long search for practical, workable ideas and methods for helping elementary and middle school age kids take real ownership of all aspects of their lives and thus to make parents their consultants and helpers rather than their nagging, control-taking, initiative-destroying managers.

It is already clear that The Entitlement Trap is going to be more than a book. It is becoming a movement and a cause made up of parents who want to prepare their children to thrive in this economic hurricane and who know that the only we can save this debt-ridden and entitled country of ours is one child at a time, one family at a time!

The Eyres are sponsoring a huge giveaway if you pre-order The Entitlement Trap. By pre-ordering the book, not only will you receive the book on the day it is released, but you will save $6 off the cover price and by e-mailing the receipt to, you will receive a free animated audio book about honesty.  You will also be entered in a grand prize drawing to win some amazing prizes, including a trip to Salt Lake to attend the upcoming couples retreat being presented by Power of Moms.  You can read more about the giveaway details by clicking this link:

The Entitlement Trap pre-order giveaway details

I believe in this book and it's message so much, I wanted to add a little more incentive to encourage you to pre-order The Entitlement Trap.  After you pre-order and send your receipt to the Eyres for your free animated audio book, come on back here and leave me a comment or send me an email letting me know you pre-ordered the book, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win my CD, Children Will Listen. The deadline to email me or leave a comment is midnight on Wednesday, August 31.

What are you still doing here? Go order your book! *grin*

P.S. If you're in Utah, make sure to get your TOFW tickets for Logan on September 16 and 17! Linda, Shawni and I will be there, along with some other amazing presenters.  The event is already 95% sold out, so if you are thinking about attending, get your tickets now!