Photo Shoot | Kids & Newborns Workshop

blUtahWorkshop_045e I had the opportunity when I was in Utah at the beginning of the month to attend a workshop by the fabulous Kate Moss and Skye Johansen. I have followed their work for a long time, but now that I have space in my home for a studio, I wanted to get more training and information on studio shooting with kids and newborns in particular.


The workshop was so great. Just to be with such creative, vivacious people was such a treat for the day.  I came away with my head chock full of ideas, and it's been fun to start transforming my studio now that I'm home. I do love my white seamless, but I'm excited to add some different backgrounds and looks to the studio. (It's coming along!  I'll post some pictures as I get things finished.)


As participants, we were shooting almost the entire day. I've been to workshops in the past where there is a lot of listening to lectures, and then you get a chance to shoot, but it was fun to have the chance to practice all day and adjust as we went along. I was able to capture some really great shots throughout the day and wanted to share a few in the gallery below.