Photography | Lighting Test

After the workshop I attended at the beginning of August, it became clear that I needed a new lighting setup. I've known this for a while, but was a bit overwhelmed at the options out there and wanted to wait until after the workshop to commit.  I ended up with (for all you photography nerds out there) an Alien Bee 800 and a 5' octabank.  I love it.  It throws so much more light than I was getting with my little SB600 flash. I took these photos of the kids the first day it was all set up.  They're so cute.  And I clearly need to photograph them as often as possible, since Lauren's hair has already grown at least a half inch since I took these a couple weeks ago.




She looks slightly frightened here, but I like it anyway. bl110823LTest_005e

Always have to do a silly face picture... bl110823GTest_007e