Fall means...

...babies in pumpkin patches.

...wearing jackets for the first time in months. (And trying a swing for the first time!)

...picking apples at our favorite orchard.

Oh, I love these two.

We had a great time celebrating fall in the place that most embodies fall for me - New England. There is no place like it. It was a little chilly, so we got to wear our jackets. We missed the peak leaf viewing, but we were able to go apple picking for a little while. (Thanks, Allison!) And got to see some wonderful friends between my photo shoots.

We also ended up with colds and L. got a whopper of a double ear infection that she is still struggling with. But we're thankful she (and G-Man) inherited Diggity's threshold for pain. This past week would have been a lot more difficult if she had inherited mine. Of course, we may have caught the ear infection earlier in that case...

Happy fall!