A Little Help for My Friends

Time Out for Women has been wonderful for me in so many ways. It's wonderful to perform, it's wonderful to meet the fabulous women who attend the events. But one of my favorite things has been the opportunity to meet and get to know the other presenters. They are as kind and funny and down-to-earth as you think they are, and I really do pinch myself every time I get to spend time with them. So, the other day, I got an email from presenter Hilary Weeks. (And yes, I did think it was pretty awesome and *may* have turned to my friend and told her about it when I saw Hilary's name pop up in my email inbox.)

You see, Hilary released her new CD this past Tuesday. I've been pretty excited for it to come out. She's been singing a couple of new songs from the CD at TOFW events this year, and they are awesome. She's been blogging about the writing of the CD, and posting preview tracks on her Facebook wall, and as someone who loves great music, I've been eating all of it right up.

Then, in Reno, Hilary did something really brave. She asked the women in the audience for help. Help to do something she can't do on her own. She set a goal in the writing of this album to try and have it chart on the Billboard Christian chart. Though the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and other contemporary artists have charted, an LDS artist has never charted on the Billboard Christian charts. Showing up on that chart will allow her the exposure she needs to get her songs played on Christian radio stations throughout the country and will push this music to a bigger audience.

And it really needs to be heard by as many people as possible. It's that good. Don't believe me? Watch the music video for the first single (featuring Stephanie Nielson and fellow TOFW presenter Mariama Kallon, and the song was co-written with my friend Tyler Castleton):

People need to hear that song, right?

If you're thinking about getting this CD for yourself or for a gift, you can help Hilary by ordering it in the next two days. Why the next two days? The first week an album is out is the most important for charting. So, if you're waiting to see her in Phoenix or St. George or Salt Lake, go ahead and buy the CD in the next two days, take it with you to TOFW, and get it autographed! (Besides, Deseret Book is offering the CD at a special lower price for the next couple of days to get you to buy it this week, so you might as well save some money, right?)

Get a CD! (It's available on iTunes too! And she's currently charting at #2 on the Christian album chart on iTunes!) Share the "Beautiful Heartbreak" music video! Tell your friends on Facebook about Hilary and what she's trying to do!

Let's give you a little incentive, shall we?

If you do (or have done) one of the following things by midnight tomorrow (Friday):

1. Buy the CD (the actual CD or purchase the full album on iTunes)

2. Share the "Beautiful Heartbreak" music video on your Facebook wall


3. Share the "Help Hilary" video on your Facebook wall

Leave a comment below (by midnight tomorrow) and tell me what you did.  (Leave a separate comment for each thing you do - one comment for buying the CD, one for sharing the video, etc.)

The prize? An autographed copy of "Every Step." Then you can keep your awesome autographed copy of the CD and give the one you buy to your friend for Christmas! And because I love you, I'll send you my CD as well!  Deal?  Let's help Hilary!


P.S. (And while you are on Facebook, follow this link and "Like" my friend Matt's Halloween costume so Debbie Gibson will call him on the phone! Let's make dreams come true people!)