Full disclosure time. I've been dealing with a challenging part of my personality over the last few weeks.

It's a two-fold problem, really.

First, I'm very deadline driven. Give me a deadline, and I'm your girl. I'll forego sleep, food, whatever. But give me a project where I have to do a little bit every day to accomplish the task? Ummm.....nope.

Which wouldn't be such a big problem, but the ability to work on a project a little every day is seriously hampering my progress in two areas that are important to me.



I was making some good progress for a while in making time for both of these things each day. But then, I lost steam. (I've joked before that I'm the human embodiment of Newton's first law - when in motion, I'll remain in motion until I'm acted upon by another force. And then when I'm at rest, I definitely remain at rest.)

Which brings me to my second issue - though I know doing a little bit of exercise and taking a little time to study my scriptures will bring great, proven, sought-after results, I still somehow find myself at the end of each day not having made the time to do them. And then I proceed to mentally beat myself up and the cycle circles on...

Please, internets. Tell me I'm not the only one out there who struggles this way. I'm hoping in this attempt to disclose, I might feel more accountable to carve out time for these small things that matter so very much.

* I did find a bit of motivation today on the scripture front by watching this video from Shannon of the Red Headed Hostess (check out her website - she's amazing) and by re-reading through Elder Scott's talk on the scriptures from General Conference.