Good Stuff

Some good stuff I've been loving lately: •  My friend Emily Freeman has a new blog where she writes her insights as she and her family read the entire Standard Works this year. I'm not caught up to where she is in the reading, but the daily insights she has are so uplifting and really make me think. You should check it out if you're a fan of her books  - Daily Closer to Christ

• I spent a glorious hour last week watching several videos from The Piano Guys. Musical artistry + outstanding video quality = WIN!  Start with the video I've embedded below and branch out from there.

• If you're a mom of young ones and feeling a bit overwhelmed by your day, you may really enjoy this blog post - Don't Carpe Diem. (I really needed it on the day I read it. Long, looooooong day.)

• Even though they lost the other day, take a moment and read this article about Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. If only all celebrities and athletes could do the same...

• If I lived in the Salt Lake City area, I would TOTALLY be taking advantage of this.

• And as a follow up to my resolutionary post from the other day, I absolutely loved this reminder from my Quote wall on Pinterest:


Happy Monday!