Not So Fast...

Oh, today. Today was fun.

It was fun to be back home. It was fun that I had my bags unpacked and that I actually started the laundry.

It was fun that today was the first day of February, and I actually remembered to start our new Valentine's Day tradition I wanted to try this year. I put the little envelope pictured above on G-Man's chair at our table, and put a note inside for him to find at breakfast this morning. We read it together this morning, and he was so excited to get a note. I was having my own little feeling-like-a-good-mom moment as we ate breakfast, and then...

G: "Mom?" Me: "Yes, buddy?" G: "Can we put the note that you gave me in my lunch box?" Me: "Sure, we can do that." G: "I'm the only person in my class that never gets a note in their lunch box."


Feeling-like-a-good-mom moment gone.

We put the note in his lunch box.

When I picked G-Man up from school, it was a beautiful day out, so I decided that it would be fun to go to the park and play at the playground. G-Man asks me if we can go quite often, but we usually have errands to run or other things to do. But today, we went to the park.

Go, me!

Everyone was having a great time, and G-Man had to go to the bathroom as we were about to leave to go home. I'm waiting for him outside and watching L play in the grass, thinking what a beautiful day it was and feeling kind of cool that I actually took the kids to the park, and then...

G-Man: "Mom? There's poop in my underwear."


Oh, and he stepped on his underwear as I was helping him get cleaned up.

Opposition. In all things. *grin*