The Birthday Shoot | Part 3 - The Awesome Dress

Lest you think I went a bit overboard with this shoot, let me dispel any misconception for you... I totally went overboard.

But here's what I figure - this is my last baby, my only girl, and she only turns one once. So, overboard I went.

In addition to the cake pictures (coming!) and the onesie pictures, I also wanted to get her a pretty dress and take photos in that. I was having a hard time finding a dress that I loved, until I made the mistake of checking Janie & Jack.

I say mistake only because their clothes, while beautiful, are super expensive (in my opinion) for children's clothes. (though, like the clothes from Gymboree, the ones that we have owned because of generous and lovely gift-givers have been super durable and washed up really well) But I had seen a dress I was in love with and I tried and tried to change my mind about it and find a different dress (I think I may have driven Diggity crazy, actually), I ended up getting it and I love it.  LOVE.

But I bought it a size larger than L currently wears right now so we can get some really good use out of it.  Decreasing our cost per wear. *grin*

(Thank goodness Daddy came home in time to assist with these! He was able to get some fabulous smiles out of her!)