Good Stuff | Whitney Houston & Valentine's Day Edition

I watched the entire Grammy Awards telecast last night because I've been so sad about Whitney Houston's passing last Saturday. She made up much of the soundtrack of my childhood and early adolescence, and shaped me as a performer. I really loved her and her music. Favorite Music Video: I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Purple sweater dress. Awesome wigs. Enough said.)

Favorite Song to Sing: The Greatest Love of All (I still have the sheet music folio in my collection. And I love the end of this music video too. I remember being in awe of the silver dress.)

Favorite Song That I Choreographed Into My Own Mental Music Video: How Will I Know (Loved the grey dress and giant bow in this one too. Though if you weren't alive at the beginning of the MTV era and have no nostalgia for that time, this video is going to look really silly to you. *grin*)

Best Whitney Tribute: Hands down, Jennifer Hudson's performance last night at the Grammys. I don't know how the woman held it together to sing. She's singing one of Whitney's signature songs, at the Grammys, the day after she died. And she started out a'cappella. And it was a last minute addition to the show. It's amazing. Here's a link to a story with the performance embedded, though I don't know how long it will be there before the CBS people chase it down and have it removed.

Lots of good Valentine's Day stuff on the web right now! If you don't have any ideas for homemade valentines, or need something last minute, check these links out:

Sarah Jane Studios - adorable printable valentines (and if you really want to procrastinate, she's having a 20% off sale tomorrow)

How Does She - Great roundup of ideas from Pinterest

Eighteen25 - Quick and Easy Valentine Ideas, Food ideas for Valentine's Day

We have been making photo valentines for the past couple years around here, and this year is no exception. I'll be back to share this year's valentine tomorrow, but since I never got around to sharing last year's valentine on the blog, here's what we did last year (These are all over the web and Pinterest this year, but they're super easy - took less than 30 minutes to make!)

Step 1: Took a photo of G-Man holding a pencil. (I had him stand on our landing upstairs, while I stood on a bench above him so he would be looking up. My aperture is as open as it can go - 2.8 probably - so the carpet would blur out behind him.)


Step 2: Lighten the photo (taken inside on a cloudy day - even with the ISO cranked and shooting wide open, it was still too dark) and remove the pencil in Photoshop.


Step 3: Quickly make a back with a greeting for the card, and have them printed at the printer I use for my photography business. (The heart was part of some digital scrapbooking stuff I already had.)


Step 4: Make two small incisions in the card with an X-acto knife, and insert lollipops.


Ta-da! My first craft tutorial. *grin* Seriously, though - these couldn't be easier. You could print them on cardstock if you need to get this done today. And we love that some of our friends and family that we mailed them to still have them on their refrigerators. (Though G-Man can't understand why Grammie and Grandpa Toad haven't eaten their lollipop.)