Photo Shoot | Photo Class Assignment #4

Our assignment this week was to plan a shoot around something that inspired us. And Brooke talks a lot about finding inspiration in the everyday.  So, I planned a shoot around this book:

G-Man and I read this book a lot. I'm pretty sure we both have it memorized. And both Diggity and I play super heroes with G-Man on a daily basis. Since it's so much a part of our everyday, it seemed the perfect thing to plan a shoot around.

But we needed some other super heroes to join Captain America, so I recruited Superman and Spiderman to join us.

Ready to fight the bad guys! (And G-Man is doing a perfect Captain America pose from his page in the book. He studied it before we went to shoot. What a guy.)


Off to save the day!


And their secret identities are finally revealed:


I've added a few more in the lightbox gallery below, if you'd like to take a peek! Enjoy!