I Never Thought I Would Say This...

...and those of you who have known me for years might be surprised to hear it.

I've stopped watching American Idol.

Just canceled the season pass on the Tivo.

Yes. Me. Who used to blog about the show on a weekly basis. Not watching anymore.

I've been bored before. I've threatened to quit watching before. But I still kept watching.

This season, I watched one audition episode, and haven't even checked the Tivo to see if has been recording.

It's not because of the judge changes from last year.  I watched the entire season last year, and I really like JLo and Steven Tyler. And Randy is, obviously, my DAWG.

I don't even mind Seacrest as much now that Simon isn't on the show anymore.

And it's not because I've stopped watching reality competition shows. (I've cut down on my total TV watching time, but I still make quality time for the reality TV. *grin*)

It's because, well...

I'm bored.

Completely bored.

But I've been bored before.  This is different.

This year, I'm completely apathetic.

I just don't care about the people that are coming in to audition.

I've seen those audition shows a hundred times.

Backstories about the people who have traveled far and overcome much. The contestants who don't look like they have much of a voice and then come in and completely WOW the judges.


And looking ahead, I don't have the energy to sit through another season. To get invested in the talented ones that I care about. To watch the people with the amazing voices get to the top 5 and then get voted out by a bunch of 13 year-old girls. I can't do it.

I'll tell you what I have been watching though -

I watched it last season, and loved it. Loved the interaction between the judges in the blind audition rounds. Anguished with the coaches through the battle rounds. Cheered for my favorites through the voting.  And LOVED that when I purchased a single on iTunes, it counted as a vote for my favorite contestants! What a fantastic idea!!

I was thrilled it was such a hit and that it came back to NBC so quickly.  And they're off to a great start again in Season 2.

I love not having to sit through the terrible singers that Idol brings in as plants for the judges rounds.

I love not having manufactured drama. Those chairs turning around (or not turning around) is just built in drama.

And I really love listening to the coaches fight over a contestant when more than one of them turns their chair around. Can you imagine? As a singer that has tried, failed, tried again and decides to try one last time - to go on a reality show, and suddenly have talented, famous musicians fighting over YOU? Over who gets to work with you? I can imagine. And as you might imagine, I've shed a couple tears watching it happen.

If you aren't watching, you should watch. Monday nights. NBC.

And finally, most of all, I love that the coaches are completely relevant, current artists that can get up on the stage and do this:

(This video is from Season 1, but it's my favorite!)

(And sorry if you were coming by hoping for deep thoughts on important subjects. I'll try and work on that tomorrow. *grin*)