Giveaway Winner!

Thank you so much for your comments on Becca's guest post! You helped make it a great kickoff for my first Friday Giveaway! I sure appreciate all of you. And now...for the winner! Comment #16 - Curtis!

Here's what Curtis posted:


This is an awesome idea. Thank you for making me think.

I initially thought of the sunrise I saw this morning – how God had poured color into the clouds which swam through a series of pastels. I wondered in amazement about how creative He is and the beauty He blesses us with daily.

My thoughts then turned to the funeral of Lori Richards, coach of UVU’s volleyball team, loving mother, and devoted wife. The most beautiful thing I saw this week had to be the hope and love I saw in Dave Richards eyes as I gave him a hug after the funeral of his beloved companion. Hope that only comes with a firm belief that the love he shared with Lori doesn’t have to end in this life. Hope that only comes through knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. That hope and joy I saw deep within Dave’s eyes was the most beautiful thing I saw this week, more beautiful than the sunrise.

Beautiful. Congrats, Curtis! Email me your address (macy [at] and I'll get the book and CD sent your way.

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