Good Stuff | Sarah Jane Studios

I love, love, love Sarah Jane Studios. If you walk around my house, you'll see a lot of Sarah's adorable art pieces.

We have these prints in the kids' bathroom:

This "Love You More" print is in L's room:

L also has this print in her room:

Source: via Macy on Pinterest

And my favorite - each of the kids have a personalized family tree hanging on their wall in their bedrooms:

Source: via Macy on Pinterest


I'm clearly a fan.

Don't even get me started on the fabric. Or the jewelry.

So, I was super excited to read on Sarah's blog the other day that she is thinking of creating a line of (in her words) fresh, colorful, HAPPY, sophisticated Christian Children’s art. Look how cute it is!

I can't wait to see more. If you like it too, drop Sarah a line or leave a comment on her blog post and let her know!