Documenting Life

I'm a photographer. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to capture photographs that mark a moment in time for a family. Those moments are important. Those big moments. But little moments are important too. Everyday moments. I've really gotten in the habit of using my phone to capture everyday stuff, because I don't like getting my camera out, and I don't love hauling it around. But whenever I do get my camera out to take pictures of everyday moments, I'm always so glad I did.

I'm thinking about this because scrapbook goddess Becky Higgins wrote a great blog post with a list of suggestions to get started on documenting those everyday moments in life. She wrote the list to encourage teens and young adults to keep a record of their lives, but I think the list is great for anyone.

So, I'm going to do a better job of documenting. I'm going to use the list to document what happens in our daily lives. Instead of copping out and using my iPhone, I'm going to take the camera with me and take more photos. And then bring them here to tell more stories.

How do you like to document your life? Photos? Blogging? Scrapbooking?

P.S. Remembering the camera is just a good thing to do. I really learned that after our trip to SF this past weekend. Because I was willing to drag the camera around, we got this picture with our friends the Hancocks who we love and don't get to see nearly enough:

And this picture of Diggity and the little kids at the Oakland Temple at sunset. I'm going to treasure this photo.