Getting in the Picture

I did something this weekend I'm kind of proud of. You see, I love taking photos of other people. And I love documenting events. But I'm not so great at getting in the picture.

There are a lot of reasons for this. (I'm sure I discussed some of them in therapy.) Regardless, it's a topic for another day. *grin*

But this weekend at Time Out for Women, I handed over my camera and I got in the picture.

Super Kimmie was nice enough to take photos for me on Friday night during my performance. (And I'm grateful to have them, though it's always funny to see the facial expressions that get captured by the camera.)

But what I'm most proud of is what I did on Saturday. I spent the most of the day taking photos of my fellow presenters as they were on stage and taking photos of them interacting with the lovely ladies who came to our event in Idaho Falls. And I was delighted to do so. I love it.

But a few times, I handed my camera over to other people and I got in the photos too. I documented myself as part of this event that I love so much.

(This cute lady had me sign her shoe. It was hilarious and awesome.)

I love these people. They're part of my life, and I'm so grateful. And I'm grateful to have followed my own advice from the other day and documented a bit of my time with them.

My challenge for the week? Document my time with my kids. Do you have something in your life that needs to be documented? I'd love it if you share it in the comments!