Good Stuff!

So much great stuff on the web right now! • Loved this post from Shawni about being enough. Always such a great thing to remember, and I loved the idea she shares about talking with kids about their talents.

Sarah Jane just released some new art in her shop after her inspirational art preview last week. And it is A.DOR. ABLE. Just when I think we had enough of her art in our house, I'm totally ready for more. Check it out. You will love it.


• Love this set of videos featuring a Q&A session with one of my personal heroes, Julie B. Beck. She speaks about priorities and leisure time and even talks about the importance of and the balance needed in blogging.

• And finally, if you haven't checked out the Power of Moms website, you should take a moment and head over there. I was excited to learn that they are offering "virtual" retreats for moms like me who have not been able to make it to a retreat in person. The short preview clips they have are fantastic.

What have you found lately on the internets that you absolutely love? Leave a comment or a link below!