Giveaway Friday | Shawni Pothier

I'm excited about today's giveaway. I love Shawni. I discovered her blog through our mutual friend Sara, became a regular reader, and was thrilled to find out that I was going to have the chance to meet her as a fellow TOFW presenter last year. She's as kind and as wonderful as you think and I really admire her as a person and a mom.

(I love this picture I took of Shawni because she's looking at her mom Linda while she is presenting at TOFW in Phoenix, and I can see how much she loves her mom as she's laughing. Even though apparently Shawni doesn't love this picture. *grin* So, here's another cute, more serious one of her.)

One of the things I most admire about Shawni is her love for her kids and the work she has been doing on behalf of her youngest daughter, Lucy.

Lucy has a rare syndrome called Bardet Biedl which will cause blindness. But a lot of research is being done, and Shawni and her mom have published a wonderful book to help raise funds for the cause.

From their Deseret Book product page: Lucy Pothier, who is Shawni’s adorable youngest daughter pictured on the cover of this book, was recently diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Bardet Biedl which, among other things, will cause blindness between the ages of 9 and 15 unless new research finds a way to intervene. In her behalf, the authors, Shawni (mother) and Linda (grandmother), will donate all royalties from the book to the Foundation for Blind Children and other research organizations that are working on her issues.

If you haven't read Shawni's blog, I wanted to do a little interview with her to give you a chance to get to know her a little better. So, without further ado - here's Shawni! (questions are from my awesome TableTopics box!)

1. When you want to laugh, who or what do you turn to? I guess my first response would be my husband. He somehow knows how to make me laugh even when I'm mad-as-a-hornet mad.

2. What foods do you remember most from childhood? The foods I remember very most were the ones my mom would make. Family dinner was a huge priority in our family so she seemed to always whip up something. My favorites were chicken divan and turkey steaks.

I must say I also remember the chocolate chip cookies I made every single Sunday growing up. Mmmmm.

3. What makes a person exceptional? Oh man, there are so many different kinds of answers to this one. But the quality that stands out the most to me in making someone exceptional is how that person gives love. Unconditional love for people in every walk of life, especially those who may be so very different, is a quality exudes "exceptionality." I know that's not a word but you know what I mean :)

4. What is the best thing you've learned from your mother? It's interesting that this question comes next because she's one who has that pure unconditional love just naturally. I so admire how she always puts others first, has so much empathy, and sees the "big picture" in life. But I guess that's not really a real answer to this question because I haven't really "learned" that yet! One thing that has rubbed off on me is her love of newborn babies. I cannot get enough of them. It makes my heart ache for one every time I hear that sweet newborn cry.

5. If you’re feeling low, what’s your trick to feeling better? Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Or go out on a date with my husband. Or watch my children sleep. Or take pictures of them when the light is at it's "golden hour." Those things sure make me happy.

Isn't she a delight? Today, you have a chance to win Shawni and her mom Linda Eyre's book, A Mother's Book of Secrets!

All royalties from the sale of this book go to organizations fighting blindness, and Shawni and her family are doing their annual Vision Walk in the Phoenix area on March 31 to help raise funds as well.  You have the opportunity to help spread the word about the Vision Walk to enter today's giveaway.

For more information about the Vision Walk or joining Shawni's team, click here.

Here’s how to win this week – you can enter up to TWO times by doing one of the following: 1 – Choose one of the questions I asked Shawni, and answer it in the comments.

2 – Share the link to Shawni's Vision Walk team page on your Facebook wall or on Twitter, and then come back to leave a comment letting me know that you did it.

Here's the link to copy and paste:

While you're on Facebook, check out the Vision Walk Facebook page and see if there is an upcoming event in your area.


Though this giveaway officially ended on Monday, I'm starting a new one. Shawni's team is close to meeting their fundraising goals, but I think we need to go the extra mile and really overachieve here. If you'd still like an opportunity to win a copy of Shawni and her mom Linda's fabulous book, please click here to go to the new giveaway.