Octonauts! To Your Stations!

We had an Octo-stravaganza for G-Man a couple weeks ago. When we started talking about birthday parties, he only gave us one option: Kwazii from the Octonauts. (If you don't have a 3-5 year old child and haven't heard of the Octonauts, you can get yourself some education on them here and here.) I was slow coming up with party ideas, but I knew from the start that I had to have an awesome cake.

And I knew I'd never be able to make an awesome cake.

And when you can't do something yourself, outsource to someone who is awesome. Right?

Thank goodness for my friend Jo Ann of SoCal Sweets. (She made L's amazing birthday cake as well.) I sent Jo Ann a link to my Pinterest board with ideas for G-Man's birthday, and she came up with this:

That's Kwazii Cat in the Gup B. Both of G-Man's requests. So awesome.

(It's kind of hard to read in the light, but it says "Garrett's Party" on the sign.)

G-Man invited friends from school and church, and we started off making each of them an official Octonauts hat:

And we sent them on a creature rescue mission using some printable cards from the Disney Junior website:

They played "Pin the Patch on Kwazii," we did a ring toss with an inflatable starfish I found at the party store, we had a decorator crab relay where they dressed up in some of our dress up stuff and then crab walked across the yard, and we had a pinata - all with clips from the show where I sounded the "Octoalert" and had them report to the HQ to get their orders for their next "mission."

But the best mission was when they had to defend the HQ from the terrifying Silly Sea Squid.

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