First Day

web120827GKindergarten_005.jpg Well, we have a kindergartner.


The first morning went really well. He woke up super excited to get out the door and was so excited to go to school. He even posed quickly and willingly for pictures as we were heading out.


Such a happy face!

Diggity shot a quick video before we headed out. I so appreciate that he always thinks to get video of stuff like this. I never remember...

The school is about 3/4 of a mile from our house, so we've been walking to and from school. He was thrilled to have dad along on his first day. I couldn't resist an iPhone shot as I was following behind them with L in the stroller.


No tears (from him or I) that morning. He walked in, found his seat and said, "Bye, guys!" We left quickly, but not before getting one more shot on the iPhone.


What a great kid.

The report at the end of the day was that he loved school, he had a lot of fun, he loved his teacher, the playground was too small, and he couldn't find anything to play out on the playground. He's been really excited both yesterday and today, and really seems to be taking to the schedule and the length of the day (it's a full day kindergarten) really, really well. I'm sure proud.

And since it was 98 degrees or so when we picked him up at the end of the day on Monday, we decided to go swimming for our after school tradition instead of baking cookies in a hot oven. *grin*