Photo Shoot - Miss Avery

As some of you know, I've been on sabbatical from my portrait business for most of this year.  I've still been shooting, but only things that I really need to practice or want to improve. It's been nice to have that time to focus. One thing I'm exploring a bit is newborn photography. And thankfully, all my friends keep having babies so I can practice. *grin* I've had the chance in the last year to do newborn sessions with some dreamy babies, but have forgotten to share some of them here.

Miss Avery is a very special baby in our group of friends here in Austin. We love all the babies, but she's a particularly special one.

First off, she was so excited to get here to the planet, she was born in the car in the hospital parking lot. Can you believe this sweet-faced little girl did that to her mother?

She's clearly got the siblings wrapped around her little finger. Especially big sister.

And mom too, obviously.

Avery is the sweetest, happiest, most joyful and most peaceful baby I've ever encountered. I'm always thrilled when her family sits in front of me at church because I get to see these beautiful eyes and her fabulous smile.

I wanted to share this newborn session today, because little Avery was featured on a fantastic new blog you need to know about called Eponym. Eponym was created to provide a network of creative inspiration, opportunities, and resources to serve others. I've had the opportunity to be involved behind the scenes in setting this blog up and helping with other technical issues, and I'm so proud of and amazed by my friends who put this idea together and have the most amazing, giving, service-oriented hearts of anyone I think I've ever met. I would love it if you would take a moment to check out the blog and learn a little more about Avery and what Eponym is all about.