Watching Out for the Weeds

My final post as the featured blogger at went live earlier today. It's about a piece of the best the best marriage (and life) advice I've received - watch out for the weeds. Watch Out for Weeds!

As I was writing the post, I realized that I've been a bit too focused on the weeds in my life right now and not as focused on the flowers and nurturing the things that are good. Ironic, since I've been writing a lot about seeking the good over at As we're heading full steam ahead into the holiday season, writing this post was a good reminder of all that I have to be happy about and thankful for.

Especially this guy.

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I'm taking 2013 off from TOFW to work on a new presentation (though I'll still be performing "Children Will Listen" and my YW presentation, "Your Happily Ever After" for groups as I can fit them in), but you better believe I'll be in the audience for as many TOFW weekends as I can manage. If you still need a great idea for a Christmas present for yourself or someone else, the early bird special ends today at Get over there and order some tickets!


And if you've never been to TOFW and have always wondered what it is all about, check out this fantastic video (featuring some of my photographs!)