Our Little Lady Turned 2!


L turned 2 at the beginning of January, and I was finally able to take a few minutes and take some birthday pictures a couple days ago.

Yes, I realize I'm a month late. I was month late taking "official" photos when she was born (and I don't think I even blogged them) and when she turned one last year. I'm nothing if not consistent.

We love our little L. Some days, it's our love that keeps us from going completely insane. *grin*

I have been super excited to take these photos. I found the outfit at Target months ago, and had all these fun ideas. But, she was in a MOOD that morning. I did get one cute picture:

The rest of them were full-on tantrum pictures. But, because of her age and because we see that sort of thing from her quite regularly, I just kept taking pictures. (Sorry if pictures of crying children make you uncomfortable...)

Here's a little bit about our little L at age 2:

With all crying and screaming and hysterics, she's a true delight most of the time and we sure love her and are glad she's part of our family. I know this stage will pass and that I'll miss our little two year old darling.

And most of the time, she really does look like this.