Valentine's Day - How We Celebrated

I'm a huge Valentine's Day fan. Since I was little, my dad has always made it a special day by giving us a huge sugar cookie (sometimes the size of a pizza box) with our name in frosting. He still sends them every year. It's such a fun tradition, and I love getting a cookie every year, but I really appreciate that Valentine's Day has always been a fun day of love in our family. I also love taking pictures of my kids and making valentines. Here's what we ended up with this year. L had a card with candy. I like the way the card turned out.


For G-Man's valentine, we packaged these cute pencils, notepad, and stamp I found at Target with his card.


I made valentines for my friends too. My friend Natalie had a Galentine's Day Brunch the night before Valentines Day, and I made a little valentine for all the ladies there with this cute printable from Caravan Shoppe and some delicious chocolate.

bl20130214_Valentines_001 bl20130214_Valentines_002

My favorite valentine this year was the one I made for Diggity. We agreed this year that we would make a valentine for each other this year. I followed this tutorial and made him a scratch off card with prizes (foot rub, garbage duty, etc.) underneath each heart.


I was excited that it turned out! Diggity made this fantastic video for me.

Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's day!