What is your why?

I just finished reading an advance copy of an amazing book - The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton. I'll have more to say about it next week when the book launches, but I wanted to share this thought:

Richie talks about how we don't start things or try things because we are afraid. He profiles different individuals in the book who feel that fear and go accomplish their dreams anyway. His advice when you are afraid of trying something or doing something is to examine why.

"What is your personal why? Defining the reasons you're working toward your high aspirations is the first and greatest way to work toward overcoming debilitating fears. You may be able to squeak by for a short time on will alone, but when the going gets tough...and fear begins to rear its ugly head, you're in for a rude awakening if you don't have an equally powerful why to which you're solidly connected."

- Richie Norton, The Power of Starting Something Stupid p. 125-126

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I have so many ideas and things I want to try, and there are times when I'm afraid to go for something I really care about. I'm planning to do some journaling in the next few days and figure out some whys. *grin*

How about you? How do you overcome fears when embarking on a new adventure?

And if you're looking for a great read, I really can't recommend this more. I anticipated the book would be more business focused, but it's all about how to live a life that you love. It's fantastic. Richie and his wife Natalie are the real deal. (And I can't wait for Richie to come speak at Time Out for Women in Austin this fall!)

You can pre-order The Power of Starting Something Stupid by clicking the image below.