More Than Just Test Shots

G-Man is a super helpful model. He loves seeing himself in finished pictures, and tries to think of things to do in front of the camera that will make me laugh. He was helping me practice a set up in my studio the other day, and as I was editing the photos later, I just stopped to marvel at this little six year old of mine. He's developing a hilarious sense of humor. He loves family. He loves his friends. He always has a little joyful twinkle in his eye. He's learning how to work hard at things he cares about. He's becoming his own person. It's terrifying and wonderful and humbling all at once. 2013-10-09_0003


Time is just going by way too quickly.


Little L has recently decided that she loves to have her photo taken. She sees me in the studio with my camera, and climbs up on the platform and says, "Take picture?" "Cheese!" "Candy!" After so much time trying to trick her into getting her photo taken, I always take at least one photo of her. Even if the light isn't plugged in, or her hair isn't combed, or she has food on her face. After so many months of hardly any interaction with her, I treasure these little interactions. And hearing her sing. And hearing her talk to her brother or run from upstairs when she hears her dad come home from work.


The best thing of all is seeing these two together. They have little games they play and conversations throughout the day. L misses G-Man so much when he is at school and is so excited to go pick him up at the end of the school day. They annoy each other and fight, but they love each other and stick together. It's a marvelous thing to witness.


And so these test shots give me an opportunity to freeze a little moment in their lives. Photographs are such a blessing.